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The nexus between the social world and law is deep-rooted and the influence is reciprocatory. As society changes and crusades for social changes emerge, the law is involved naturally. Society demands changes in law with time and law is an instrument for revolutions.

However, the dream of making the law and justice machinery available even at the darkest of corners has remained unfulfilled. In light of the changes brought to the legal world and the challenges that stare us down today, the responsibility that rests on the shoulders of the legal fraternity has gone through an evolution as well. Now they are expected to maintain higher standards of ethics and take on heavier responsibilities.

Editorial Policy

We, at India Law Review, aim to stay true to the standards of legal reporting and journalism expected from a legal news portal and our objective is to provide greater transparency in making the law available for scrutiny while respecting its sanctity.

Our editorial policy dictates that we carry out our work while being accountable to the law of the land. We bring to our readers a raw, honest, factually true reports and news while maintaining an objective opinion and view. We highly encourage feedback and criticism so as to ensure better delivery of our services.