Misleading advertisements have become an everyday norm in today’s market. Consumers are nowadays highly vulnerable to these prima facie attractive ads. They involve the use of deceptive, unproven, false, misleading information to influence the buyer’s decision-making and consequently selling their products. There is no dearth of advertisements that claim health benefits of the incredible and miraculous variety that fool the public.

The sources are many a time not identified and the claims are left unsubstantiated. Omitting information, manipulating terms, incomplete or inconsistent manipulation, ‘no risk’ claims, false health claims et cetera are quite prevalent in the advertising industry.

In order to thwart such practices, it is the duty of consumers to file complaints. However, the process in itself becomes the punishment, thereby making it uneconomical for consumers to take such initiatives. In order to remedy this, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DoCA) under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution launched an online portal for registering complaints for Grievances Against Misleading Advertisements (GAMA).

You can register a complaint through this web portal here: https://gama.gov.in/

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Steps to be followed –

a) Go to the portal and click on ‘login link’ https://gama.gov.in/Secure/Login.aspx

b) Sign up and verify your email. A user ID and password would be generated

c) Fill in the details by attaching required documents

You can track the status of the complaint via the user ID and password that was earlier generated.

This government initiative presents to you the opportunity to remove false and misleading narratives from the market by holding the creators of such deceptive content accountable.

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