‘Election Commissioners must be appointed through a collegium of Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and Chief Justice’

Ex.Attorney General Shri Ravivarma Kumar addressing the gathering of FDCA on June 20, 2019.

Former Chief Justice of India (CJI) M.N. Venkatachaliah here on Thursday emphasized the need for the Election Commissioners to be appointed by a system of collegium comprising of the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, and the Chief Justice of India.

Addressing a gathering of members of the Forum for Democracy & Communal Amity (FDCA) at Cosmopolitan Club, Bengaluru on June 20, 2019, “We must have a buffer between a political executive and the betterment of civil services. If we don’t, then history tells us that, they are all under the command of the political executive”, he said.

FDCA organized a Hindu-Muslim Unity Eid-Lunch to discuss and set the agenda for the new government. Former CJI, Ex-Attorney General Shri Ravivarma Kumar, Prof NV Narasimhaiah and many others participated in the event. Members shared their thoughts and viewpoints on the pertinent issues that the newly formed central government need to focus instead of sloganeering or trivial issues.

The former CJI said that progressive people from both the Hindu and Muslim community should come forward and be united to tackle the radical elements from both sides.

In his address, Mr.Ravivarma Kumar, former Attorney-General of Karnataka wondered why human rights organizations are not taking up the atrocities against the Dalits in India. “In Gujarat, in this month alone, 3 Dalits have been killed. The other day I received the WhatsApp message where a sitting MLA of the Gujarat Assembly is beating up a Dalit youth because he purchased a new car and was driving the new car” he said. He further requested that FDCA as a human rights organization must take up these issues.