Media Partner

Promoting events that hold significance for the legal fraternity, teachers and students alike is part of our endeavour.

We invite you to connect with us as your media partner to garner publicity and attention for all your events in the interest of the legal world.

To expand your outreach to the relevant people, you can employee ILR as your publicity partner as well as publish Sponsored content and advertisements on our platform.

We offer ourselves as media partners for competitions such as Moot Court, Client Counselling, Essay writing, Drafting etc and for all scholarly events such as Seminars, workshops, call for papers by journals and beyond.


Our offer

Regardless of being your media/publicity partner, we generally offer to publish one post for any event or vacancy free of cost. However, as your media partner, you may ask us to publish a second post on our website under your directions regarding the date.

Subsequently, the post will also be put up on our social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter to maximize outreach. Also, an update will be emailed to all our subscribers.l

Your responsibility in return

To highlight us as your media partners, you should mention our Name, Logo, URL on all promotional materials such as posters posts on website, social media platforms like Facebook etc.

In case you also wish for us to provide coverage for your event, you must provide us with one media pass that covers the costs of travelling, accommodation, meals, any registration fees etc. We will, however, retain our editorial independence while also retaining the right to refuse to cover the event on our discretion.

Our policy dictates

  1. All posts related to events and opportunities for law students are published free of costs.
  2. The distinction between us as your media partner and publicity partner is that we provide a free 2nd post for your event as your media partner whereas as publicity partners you may ask us to make as many posts as you wish which will cost Rs. Per post.

You may choose between these types of partnership as per your requirements.


  • While all first posts relating to events and announcements are free, ever subsequent post that you may ask for will cost you.
  • Our services would include publishing of posts, updates on social media platforms, and updates to email subscribers.
  • Along with the post, you need to provide details that include the name of organization, link to the organization’s website, your name, designation, email id, other contact information, the name of the event, nature of the event and finally the type of partnership you wish to establish with us.


We also have advertisement packages available if you happen to be organising an event or providing an opportunity for the purpose of profiting. You may contact us for details about the same through email at

To be noted:

The process of approaching us as potential media or publicity partners includes firstly making sure a post of your event is published on INDIA LAW REVIEW.